Immigrant Action Endorses Hillary Clinton in Advance of New York Primary


On April 13, Immigrant Action proudly announced its endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. Surrounded by Immigrant Action staff and board members and diverse community leaders, the Secretary of State happily accepted the endorsement.

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The announcement comes after weeks of careful deliberation by Immigrant Action. During the special endorsement event and community round table, former Secretary of State Clinton joined Immigrant Action Executive Director Steven Choi and a group of diverse immigrant New Yorkers to offer her take on a range of issues including immigration relief, naturalization and citizenship, and how best to build ladders of opportunity for diverse communities.


May Y. Chen, Board President of Immigrant Action, noted, “what is most important is to remain organized and mobilized around immigration advocacy issues before, during, and after the elections. During her tenure as U.S. Senator for New York, Hillary provided effective constituent services program for immigrants, and she was responsive to the needs and concerns of immigrant communities in New York during her long career of public service. She also has the grit, experience, persistence and diligence to make history as the first female President of the United States.”

Clinton also announced a series of new policies around immigration, because of Immigrant Action's advocacy along with other allies.

These include:

  • The creation of a National Office of Immigrant Affairs to ensure a dedicated place in the White House to push for immigrant services and policies;
  • A significant increase in federal resources for adult English language and citizenship education;
  • A commitment to further reducing barriers to naturalization through expanding fee waivers and other cost reductions for the working immigrant poor; and
  • $15 million in new grant funding for affordable immigrant services and community navigators