Immigrant Action Executive Director on CNN

Immigrant Action Fund Executive Director Steve Choi appeared on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello in advance of Donald Trump's speech on immigration on August 30, 2016.



Immigrant Action Endorses Marisol Alcántara for NYS Senate District 31 Seat

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Immigrant Action Endorses Marisol Alcántara for NYS Senate District 31 Seat

New York, NY — Today, Immigrant Action (The New York State Immigrant Action Fund), one of the largest 501(c)(4) immigrant rights groups in the country, endorsed Marisol Alcántara for the 31st District State Senate seat in the September 13th Primary Election. Joined by several union leaders representing workers in the 31st district, Immigrant Action Executive Director Steve Choi noted, “Marisol represents what is best about this country--and the values that Immigrant Action Fund is fighting for. Having moved to the United States as a child, she uniquely understands the power of immigrants and their families to work together to fight for the common good.”

Marisol Alcantara endorsement

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“Immigrant Action is dedicated to supporting candidates and elected officials who will fight for immigrant communities and support humane immigrant policies. Marisol is one of those people. Since working to enfranchise Latino voters in the 2004 and 2008 elections, she has dedicated herself to working for the rights of low wage workers through her work with unions like SEIU 32BJ, SEIU 758, UNITE HERE Local 100 and the Immigrant Worker Assistance Alliance.”

Upon receiving Immigrant Action’s endorsement,  Marisol Alcántara commented, “It is incredibly meaningful to have the support of Immigrant Action, and I know the urgency of passing immigration reforms first hand. I know the anxiety and suffering that families living in the shadows of our broken immigration system suffer every day. That’s why I’ll fight to ensure tuition equality for all New Yorkers, protect farmworkers from abuse and exploitation, ensure all immigrants can obtain a driver’s license, and expand higher education opportunities for all students. With violence against immigrants on the rise, and Donald Trump’s hate speech dominating the news, I’ll be a champion for immigrants in Albany.”

"Es muy importante tener el respaldo del Fondo de Acción Inmigrante del Estado de Nueva York, y conozco a primera instancia la urgencia de aprobar una reforma migratoria", dijo Alcántara. "Conozco la ansiedad y el sufrimiento que experimentan cada día las familias que viven a las sombras de nuestro sistema quebrantado de inmigración. Es por eso que lucharé por aprobar el DREAM Act, proteger del abuso y la explotación a los trabajadores de las granjas, asegurar que los inmigrantes indocumentados obtengan una licencia de manejar y ampliar las oportunidades de educación post-secundaria para todos los estudiantes. Con el aumento en la violencia contra los inmigrantes y el mensaje de odio de Donald Trump dominando los titulares, seré una defensora de los inmigrantes en Albany".

The endorsement from Immigrant Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that promotes the rights and socio-economic well-being of immigrants and refugees across New York State, follows their earlier announcement of support for Hillary Clinton ahead of the April Presidential primary election, which spurred the candidate to promise the creation of a national Office of New Americans.  

Ms. Alcantara is being challenged by ex-City Councilman Robert Jackson and former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Chief of Staff Micah Lasher.


Immigrant Action Endorses Hillary Clinton in Advance of New York Primary


On April 13, Immigrant Action proudly announced its endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. Surrounded by Immigrant Action staff and board members and diverse community leaders, the Secretary of State happily accepted the endorsement.

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The announcement comes after weeks of careful deliberation by Immigrant Action. During the special endorsement event and community round table, former Secretary of State Clinton joined Immigrant Action Executive Director Steven Choi and a group of diverse immigrant New Yorkers to offer her take on a range of issues including immigration relief, naturalization and citizenship, and how best to build ladders of opportunity for diverse communities.


May Y. Chen, Board President of Immigrant Action, noted, “what is most important is to remain organized and mobilized around immigration advocacy issues before, during, and after the elections. During her tenure as U.S. Senator for New York, Hillary provided effective constituent services program for immigrants, and she was responsive to the needs and concerns of immigrant communities in New York during her long career of public service. She also has the grit, experience, persistence and diligence to make history as the first female President of the United States.”

Clinton also announced a series of new policies around immigration, because of Immigrant Action's advocacy along with other allies.

These include:

  • The creation of a National Office of Immigrant Affairs to ensure a dedicated place in the White House to push for immigrant services and policies;
  • A significant increase in federal resources for adult English language and citizenship education;
  • A commitment to further reducing barriers to naturalization through expanding fee waivers and other cost reductions for the working immigrant poor; and
  • $15 million in new grant funding for affordable immigrant services and community navigators